When an Aboriginal gets tired of everything, he disappears into the bush to regenerate. After 30 years in my studio, I felt an urge for space, a need to discover, rediscover. So I choose, in my turn, the Australian bush.

I had already felt a huge fascination for this massive, genuine country.

In this virgin nature, one no longer seeks for subjects. They are here, invading, unavoidable. Nature is watching you.

I had initially in mind, at the most, a book of studies and this thirst to 'see'.

I am tempted at times to call these pictures 'scannings'

They are in fact well chosen details. Eyes looking from the rock, the amazing art-work of the sea-slug meandering across the rock-pool or a brush-stroke from the stone which I love and recognise. I am back at the very source of inspiration and creation through all ages, from Aboriginal Dreamtime to Pollock.

This work contrasts with my previous work. But if the the actual 'shooting' is essentially spontaneous, 'weaving' these mosaics is not unlike composing my large-format pictures.The choice of 9 pictures is the first number providing me with a center.

And when I assemble my details, my chosen atoms, I am like a God repainting the world, not quite knowing where all this is leading...

Now after two years, of which 6 months spent there, I had

the chance to show for the first time and for one week-end only 'Le Pays du RÍve' at the Photo-Fair in Stockholm, a monumental composition in which each tableau is made-up of 9 of these mosaics, in total 81 pictures each, 5 meters in height

One thing, obvious for me, the pictures are digital but in no way manipulated.

Femmes, Fleurs, Fruits & Lťgumes

Commissioned Work

Petits Bouquets Sur Fonds En Grisaille


Suite Automnale

Beyond Mystery Bay

Le Pays Du RÍve

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