This is a selection of my advertising work, the oldest one dating from 1974...

I have had the chance and privilege to work through these years with creative people who are first of all seeking my personal imput on a given subject, not just buying a method or a recipe to a picture. This is very basic in my mind, if one wants to work intelligently and is aspiring to an ultimate result. Some amount of freedom and confidence from the art director does open a door to creativity. This has unfortunately become more and more scarce these days.

One thing to remember when watching these pictures: I always try to being my 'own cook' as much as I possibly can, in every production. I paint and prepare for the picture myself, and in most cases Kina stands for all stylism and props, a huge work at times, but this is the best way to reach a personal result, I believe.

And last, none of these pictures have ever been retouched or in any way altered.

They can be seen whole-frame, when clicking one moretime.

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Femmes, Fleurs, Fruits & Légumes

Commissioned Work

Petits Bouquets Sur Fonds En Grisaille


Suite Automnale

Beyond Mystery Bay

Le Pays Du Rêve

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