"Where does one draw the fine line between commercial work and more personal fine art work? It's a legitimate question to ask in relation to many, if not most, photographers. In the case of François Gillet, however, such questions are superfluous, so successfully has he blurred any notional fine line between the two categories. For some decades now he has been surreptitiously insinuating the same sublime purity of vision that he brings to his personal work into the usually prosaic commercial world of advertising.

So now, with his latest work, he has moved into a totally new area of exploration. It is perhaps not instantly obvious just how to react to these monumental pieces. They maybe do not give of their secrets as readily as François's earlier work. These rigorously constructed images require of the viewer that they be prepared to immerse themselves in close study for their mystery and power to fully reveal itself. For it is the mystery of existence itself that they seek to express. That they so successfully do so is, in large part, due to the arrangement of the individual elements. They are constructed just so and thus it must be for there can be no other way. As François himself has said, he has woven a tapestry from details; a rich and beautiful tapestry where, as in life itself, the whole is considerably greater than the sum of the parts.

On a personal note... many years ago I was fortunate enough to be at Art College at the same time as François. I ve

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3 June 2016

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